The Solution

Helping People Release Themselves from Old, Limiting Belief Boundaries

A Whole New Paradigm of How to Develop People

Unlike one or two day seminars, online learning processes, and other passive and ineffective processes, Authentic Life Skills™ integrates the whole person—knowledge, emotions, and inner belief boundaries.

The course includes:

  • A personal effectiveness curriculum including communication skills, goal-setting, problem-solving, and emotional management.
  • An interactive, experiential delivery process that helps participants convert knowledge into new habits and behaviors.
  • A train-the-trainer process that enables client managers or training staff to facilitate it.

The course uniquely accesses deeper dimensions of human potential.

The following is a simple explanation of the vastly complex human  psyche.

The Three Levels of Consciousness

img_pyramid2Notice the following model. It shows how we increase personal power by integrating all three human dimensions. This releases whole new levels of mental, emotional, and spiritual energy that removes productivity blockages.

Here’s a quick description of each part.

  1. Our I Know, or Head, is the conscious, logical, intellectual, decision- making part of us. Most so-called “training” is directed to this level in the form of information, most of which is forgotten, and little acted upon.
  2. Our I Feel, our Heart, is the emotional part of us. It will overrule our conscious knowledge around eighty-five percent of the time. Emotions can’t be directly changed by will-power, but can be indirectly changed through guided actions.
  3. Our I Am, or Soul, is the spiritual, creative unconscious part of us. It’s where our values, inner belief boundaries, goal-seeking, creative mechanism, emotional thermostat, spiritual intelligence, and life force reside.

These deep resources receive little or no teaching, understanding, or development by most people. The inner programming that guides most of our outer behavior resides in this unconscious part of us.

Dr. Carl Jung suggested that in this creative/unconscious dimension resides the Spirit of Truth.
Recent research proves that we come into the world hard-wired to intuitively know right from wrong.

Here’s how these three levels interact to produce our behaviors.

In our waking hours, our I Know interacts with the values and inner self-beliefs in our I Am. When this interaction is congruent, it triggers positive, supportive emotions in our I Feel.

If our thoughts or decisions are in conflict with our values and inner belief boundaries, they create negative emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, or low self-worth.

Our development processes help participants experientially integrate these three dimensions. This releases new levels of energy, builds solid, emotional teams, and on-the-job interactive synergies.

The result is people working together toward a common goal, creating a synergistic energy force that’s greater than the sum of their individual energies.