The Central Issue

Are Behaviors Changed?

More Information About the Central Issue

There’s a vast lack of understanding about how behavior change takes place. Knowledge, education, systems, statistics, or mandates don’t generally cause sustained habits or behavior change. Online training, one or two day seminars, and most other events cannot cause change in people’s habits and automatic behaviors. It’s only “information dump” that is quickly forgotten. We know how to cause behavior change. We’ve been doing it for years. In a few moments we’ll give you some specific examples of well-known companies our courses have helped.

The Dynamics of Behavior Change

Having had upwards to two million people in 130 nations in courses Ron Willingham has written, we have over four decades of creating behavior change for all sizes of organizations.

Here’s what it takes to help people develop new automatic habits, attitudes, and behaviors.

Focused weekly subjects with specific Action Steps to practice
Weekly group reporting on their real-world application of  Action Steps
Facilitator conducts course in a totally non-critical manner,  giving unconditional acceptance and positive reinforcement  to each participant.
Facilitator looks for and points out strengths in each person
Time lapse for habit growth

Behavior Change Curve


Our experience shows that it takes around three to four weeks of practice, gestation and incubation before behavior change begins to occur. Then it grows each week.

This explains why one or two-day seminars, webinars, or passive  online learning, can’t create behavior change, although some make this false claim.

Transformation, Not Just Education

img_pyramidUnlike any other training, Authentic Life Skills™ doesn’t just teach information that rarely gets practiced. It goes much deeper in reaching and integrating these three dimensions.

Emotions, and
Unconscious self-belief boundaries

We call this Whole Person Development.

Unlike traditional training models, we’ve learned that behavior change takes place because of the interactive facilitation process, rather than the content. Behavior change results from the daily life  application, and the group interaction of Authentic Life Skills™ weekly sessions.

As personal transformations occur within course members, their inner belief boundaries expand, and automatically increase their performance.