Historical Results

of Ron Willingham Design Courses

Results Examples

Over 35,000 facilitators have been certified to conduct his courses.
  • Johnson & Johnson has had over 45,000 medical device and pharma reps in our course in 130 nations. Initial pilots had a 26 percent sales grow in Japan, and 28 percent in Holland, and 15 percent more time with doctors.
  • A pilot of twelve Chevrolet dealers showed a 31 percent increase in gross profits per sale, and closing ratios went from one-in-five to one-in-four. Based on the results a customized a course was designed for them, and over 28,000 sales and management people went through the course the first year in 900 dealerships.
  • Trade New Zealand reported a $500 million increase in trade.
  • UCLA Medical Center conducted a course for physicians, nurses, and staff members. One year later they went from 0.28 to 0.78 in the Picker Satisfaction Survey to the key question, “Would you return and refer us to others?”
  • Baylor Medical Centers enjoyed the following results.
    • Employee satisfaction went from 54 to 80.
    • Departmental communication went from 25 to 77.
    • Employee/management communication from 29 percentile to 77.
  • American Red Cross enrolled over 10,000 employees after a pilot in the North Atlantic Region reported a 35 percent increase in blood sales, and a 50 percent increase in employee retention.
  • A chain of credit unions reported an unexpected 40 percent decrease in teller errors.
  • ERA Real Estate of Japan reported a 26 percent increase in sales the following year after implementing one of our courses.
  • The largest General Agent for The Guardian Life Insurance Company reported a 27 percent increase in sales.
  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate enjoyed a 330 percent increase in Florida. This was at the height of the boom there, as subsequent sales increases all exceeded 25 percent.
  • University of Phoenix conducted a pilot for a group of high-risk students in Baltimore, Md. Our course was integrated with their standard ten-week orientation course. The student retention rates were then compared with two other of the same course. Six months after all three courses finished, the group that went through our course had forty-one percent fewer drop-outs than the two control groups.

Traditional training companies cannot achieve these results, as most have no ability to create behavior change in employees.