Course Benefits

Head, Heart, Soul

Course Benefits

Aside from the exciting personal growth each person enjoys, here are some specific benefits they, and your organization enjoy.
  1. Participant’s “areas-of-the-possible” expand.
  2. Discover new abilities, and self-beliefs expand, increasing  their productivity.
  3. Old, deep internal emotional blocks begin to evaporate.
  4. Teamwork grows, instead of “me” it becomes “we.”
  5. Decision making and problem solving skills increase.
  6. Work and relationship attitudes become more positive and up-building.
  7. Stronger resilience helps them handle stress and emotional ups and downs.
  8. Destructive emotional toxins of anger and sour relationships heal.
  9. Their inner goal-seeking mechanism guides them to new expanded goals.
  10. Job performance improves, and team synergy expands.

What causes these benefits to happen? It’s the facilitation process that we call Collective Experiencing.

Collective Experiencing

Our Magic-in-the-Bottle

Transcending old, ineffective, traditional training models, our behavior changing facilitation process maximizes your people’s knowledge, habits, and inner belief boundaries. We also refer to our facilitation process as “Experiential Learning.” Learning by experience. Developing by doing.

We believe that people are much more apt to learn from what they experience, than from what they hear, read, or passively learn. Or, as Ashley Montague wrote:

“In teaching it is the method and not the content that is the message…the drawing out, not the putting in.”

By the third week of the course a deep bonding develops between the participants, and continues to grow.

In summary, a synergistic emotional group energy builds that soon exceeds the total sum of the individual’s energy. To the degree that each person contributes to that energy force, they automatically draw from the positive collective energy.

This all happens within the members’ unconscious I Am dimensions.

This groundbreaking discovery delivers to organizations a whole new paradigm of understanding human performance.